Exciting things coming in 2022

quarta-feira, fevereiro 2, 2022

Solartron is planning to launch a series of new precision-measurement products in 2022, with the additions to our portfolio of market-leading technology to be made throughout the year.

The new launches scheduled for the next 12 months reflect our commitment to the design and manufacture of advanced measurement sensor technology and related products and to meeting the evolving needs ofour customers from across the industry spectrum.

Inspection software and Orbit interface among first launches

The first new Solartron product launch planned for 2022 is the Orbit Gauge 4 Software. This is best-in-class standard configurable inspection software and is designed to interface our Orbit products with manual, semi-automatic and automatic gauge systems.

Also scheduled for an H1 launch is the ETHIM 2 Orbit Interface. Faster and not dependent on driver software, this upgrade of the successful ETHIM Orbit Interface connects a personal computer to the Orbit network using an ethernet connection, as an alternative to a USB module.

PLC interface and compact laser measuring tools due in H1

We are also planning to add a new programmable logic controller (PLC) interface to our portfolio of existing interfaces. The CC Link PLC Interface will specifically target Mitsubishi PLCs, with the aim of making the connection of Orbit products to these PLCs much simpler.

In addition, in the first half of the year, we are planning to introduce two new Orbit compact laser measuring tools. The first is a compact laser sensor with a body width of 20mm, resolution of better than 0.5 um, a measurement rate of up to 1000Hz and a measuring range of 15mm.

The second Orbit compact laser measuring tool is a higher-speed version of this sensor, both of which are competitively priced, in line with Solartron’s commitment to value for money. It has a measurement rate of 4000Hz and a body width of 20mm.

Orbit Readout and Micro Single Leaf Flexure scheduled for H2